What does Matchday 2 have in store?

Hello Wence (your username: STeVNHALLeq),
2018 World CupArgentina and Germany need to win, but the Croatians and Sweden will do their best to prevent that from happening. If the top forwards fail to make their mark, you’ll get your single bet stake up to €25 back thanks to our 0-0 insurance!
Argentina 2,10
X 3,40
Croatia 3,60
Germany 1,40
X 4,75
Sweden 8,00
Poland 3,50
X 3,50
Colombia 2,50
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2018 World CupCR7 is aiming to add to his impressive goal tally against Morocco. The Africans will have to double up on the forward, but that might not be enough to stop him. What do you think?
Portugal 1,60
X 3,80
Morocco 6,20
Uruguay 1,17
X 7,30
Saudi Arabia 16,50
Iran 16,50
X 7,30
Spain 1,17
France 1,55
X 4,00
Peru 6,50
Brazil 1,17
X 8,00
Costa Rica 15,00
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Should you have any questions, please contact our Service Team via e-mail.

Have fun at Betworld,

Your Betworld Team.

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