Tuley’s Takes on World Cup / Brent on NBA / What’s Next For Justify?

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Tuley’s Takes on the World Cup

Dave Tuley is back from a Hawaiian vacation and he is ready to pick some World Cup games. Here is his piece from this week’s Point Spread Weekly. See how he’s doing so far and his picks for today and Sunday.

Brent Musburger weighs in on the NBA’s Summer Soap Opera in his column for the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Ron Flatter: Ascot win makes Alpha Centauri a Breeders’ Cup contender

What’s next for Justify? Ron has answers in his weekly podcast.

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VSiN betting resources

South Point daily sheets

Compare lines across Las Vegas books

Updated World Cup odds from South Point

MLB betting summaries (with estimated scores and projected lines for Point Spread Weekly subscribers)

Diamondbacks at Pirates https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/ari_pit/2018-06-23/
Orioles at Braves https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/bal_atl/2018-06-23/
Cubs at Reds https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/chc_cin/2018-06-23/
Tigers at Indians https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/det_cle/2018-06-23/
Royals at Astros https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/kc_hou/2018-06-23/
Dodgers at Mets https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/lad_nym/2018-06-23/
Marlins at Rockies https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/mia_col/2018-06-23/
Yankees at Rays https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/nyy_tb/2018-06-23/
Athletics at White Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/oak_cws/2018-06-23/
Phillies at Nationals https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/phi_wsh/2018-06-23/
Padres at Giants https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sd_sf/2018-06-23/
Mariners at Red Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sea_bos/2018-06-23/
Cardinals at Brewers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/stl_mil/2018-06-23/
Rangers at Twins https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tex_min/2018-06-23/
Blue Jays at Angels https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tor_laa/2018-06-23/

Today’s broadcasting schedule

Miss a show? Replays are posted here.

Audio highlights here

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