Who Needs The Ball? Not France / MLB Bad Beat Alert!

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Les Bleus . . . and they blew it

Jeff Fogle has a little bit of everything in today’s VSiN City newsletter:

  • World Cup Soccer: France dominates Belgium despite not having the ball!
  • Wimbledon: Serena Williams drops a set, but is through to the semis. Men’s quarters set for Wednesday
  • Tuesday MLB: Reds score SEVEN in the ninth to stun Indians (and chalk lovers)!
  • Tuesday MLB: A’s also rally in ninth. Can’t finish the job…plus Arizona draws first blood in big NL West series vs. Colorado
  • WNBA: LA wins in overtime in Seattle…Taurasi taken ill…Las Vegas continues crushing the East

More here.

Point Spread Weekly will be out later today as Steve Makinen and Matt Youmans dig in on college football with the season fast approaching. Meantime, Dave Tuley has his Take on today’s World Cup semifinal between England and Croatia. If you follow Dave, you won’t be surprised by his pick.

And in Joe Ostrowski’s weekly podcast, Early Odds, he focues on betting the second half of the baseball season.

VSiN betting resources

South Point daily sheets (including Futures sheets)

Compare lines across Las Vegas books

Updated World Cup odds from South Point

MLB betting summaries (with estimated scores and projected lines for Point Spread Weekly subscribers)

Diamondbacks at Rockies https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/ari_col/2018-07-11/
Cubs at Giants https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/chc_sf/2018-07-11/
Reds at Indians https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/cin_cle/2018-07-11/
Tigers at Rays https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/det_tb/2018-07-11/
Royals at Twins https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/kc_min/2018-07-11/
Dodgers at Padres https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/lad_sd/2018-07-11/
Brewers at Marlins https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/mil_mia/2018-07-11/
Yankees at Orioles https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/nyy_bal/2018-07-11/
Athletics at Astros https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/oak_hou/2018-07-11/
Phillies at Mets https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/phi_nym/2018-07-11/
Mariners at Angels https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sea_laa/2018-07-11/
Cardinals at White Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/stl_cws/2018-07-11/
Rangers at Red Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tex_bos/2018-07-11/
Blue Jays at Braves https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tor_atl/2018-07-11/
Nationals at Pirates https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/wsh_pit/2018-07-11/

Today’s broadcasting schedule

Miss a show? Replays are posted here.

Audio highlights here


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