2 MLB Trends Stay Red Hot / Wednesday Tutorial / Tip Of The Day On Red Sox

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Two huge MLB trends stay hot…in the same stadium

Jeff Fogle tells you what they are, plus a hefty report on MLB action in today’s VSiN City newsletter.

Check out the end of the newsletter to find Jeff’s regular Wednesday tutorial: Quick conversions from point spreads to win percentages

Jeff also has this tip of the day in the NY Post: A way to capitlize on Boston’s dominance.

And Matt Youmans offers this advice on today’s Cubs game and why he’s backing Jon Lester.

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Steve Makinen, our Point Spread Weekly editor, looks for predictive trends that will tell you whether a team is ready to show an improvement or decline from last season.

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Today’s MLB slate (with special score simulations for VSiN all-access subscribers):

Diamondbacks at Cubs https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/ari_chc/2018-07-25/
Red Sox at Orioles https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/bos_bal/2018-07-25/
White Sox at Angels https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/cws_laa/2018-07-25/
Tigers at Royals https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/det_kc/2018-07-25/
Astros at Rockies https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/hou_col/2018-07-25/
Dodgers at Phillies https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/lad_phi/2018-07-25/
Twins at Blue Jays https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/min_tor/2018-07-25/
Yankees at Rays https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/nyy_tb/2018-07-25/
Athletics at Rangers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/oak_tex/2018-07-25/
Pirates at Indians https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/pit_cle/2018-07-25/
Padres at Mets https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sd_nym/2018-07-25/
Giants at Mariners https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sf_sea/2018-07-25/
Cardinals at Reds https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/stl_cin/2018-07-25/
Nationals at Brewers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/wsh_mil/2018-07-25/


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