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Vegas Stats & Information Network Vegas Stats & Information Network Vegas Stats & Information Network Vegas Stats & Information Network
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Look for value in underrated pitching

Jeff Fogle’s tip of the day: A great tip for bettors to remember is that the market often underprices teams with unheralded starting pitching, while overpricing the most overpowering arms.

Which team is Jeff talking about? Find out here.

ICYMI: Ron Flatter previews the Pacific Classic at Del Mar.

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Today’s MLB slate (with special score simulations for VSiN all-access subscribers):

Diamondbacks at Padres https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/ari_sd/2018-08-18/
Orioles at Indians https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/bal_cle/2018-08-18/
Cubs at Pirates https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/chc_pit/2018-08-18/
Rockies at Braves https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/col_atl/2018-08-18/
Tigers at Twins https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/det_min/2018-08-18/
Astros at Athletics https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/hou_oak/2018-08-18/
Royals at White Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/kc_cws/2018-08-18/
Angels at Rangers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/laa_tex/2018-08-18/
Dodgers at Mariners https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/lad_sea/2018-08-18/
Marlins at Nationals https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/mia_wsh/2018-08-18/
Brewers at Cardinals https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/mil_stl/2018-08-18/
Mets at Phillies https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/nym_phi/2018-08-18/
Giants at Reds https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/sf_cin/2018-08-18/
Rays at Red Sox https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tb_bos/2018-08-18/
Blue Jays at Yankees https://www.vsin.com/matchup/mlb/tor_nyy/2018-08-18/

Week 2 NFL preseason previews with recaps updated lines and line movements


Jets at Redskins https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/nyj_was/2018-08-16/
Eagles at Patriots https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/phi_ne/2018-08-16/
Steelers at Packers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/pit_gb/2018-08-16/


Cardinals at Saints https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/ari_no/2018-08-17/
Bills at Browns https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/buf_cle/2018-08-17/
Chiefs at Falcons https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/kc_atl/2018-08-17/
Dolphins at Panthers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/mia_car/2018-08-17/
Giants at Lions https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/nyg_det/2018-08-17/


Bears at Broncos https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/chi_den/2018-08-18/
Bengals at Cowboys https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/cin_dal/2018-08-18/
Jaguars at Vikings https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/jac_min/2018-08-18/
Raiders at Rams https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/oak_la/2018-08-18/
Seahawks at Chargers https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/sea_lac/2018-08-18/
49ers at Texans https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/sf_hou/2018-08-18/
Buccaneers at Titans https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/tb_ten/2018-08-18/


Ravens at Colts https://www.vsin.com/matchup/nfl/bal_ind/2018-08-20/


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