The vacation ended for Expedia, but here’s where the stock could be traveling next…

Expedia tumbled, but history says the stock could be ready to rebound

FRI, NOV 08, 2019

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Coming into Thursday, shares of Expedia were up about 20 percent, but that all changed after the company released its 3rd quarter report. The vacation website operator lost more than a quarter of its value after it missed earnings expectations by a wide margin, while slashing its full-year guidance.

But according to history, the stock could be ready to bounce back, at least a bit. A month after 1-day drops of similar magnitudes, the stock tends to rebound, with shares clawing back an average of 4%, trading positively 60% of the time.


China’s Singles’ Day, the world’s largest online shopping event, takes place this Monday, November 11. Singles’ Day was started by e-commerce giant Alibaba a decade ago, and it’s become a sales phenomenon. In 2018 sales topped $30 billion, and this year it’s expected to surpass that figure. To put that in perspective, Singles’ day is expected to be bigger than Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined.

However, a successful Singles’ Day has not always translated to gains for Alibaba’s stock, at least in the short-term. Over the five previous Singles’ Days that Alibaba has been a public company, the stock has sold off 80 percent of the time in the first trading day after the event, losing an average of 0.8 percent.


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These stocks were big winners when the Fed jolted the economy with three rate cuts in the ’90s

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