Sports Betting 101: The Impact of Weather & Referees / What Vegas Contests Are Doing During Pandemic

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NFL Draft Central

VSiN is the place to be for NFL draft betting news and analysis.

The latest Point Spread Weekly is full of expert opinions on the draft. It’s on me this week. No charge. No sign in needed. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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VSiN host Jonathan Von Tobel gathered up all the draft props he could find in Las Vegas. COMPILED HERE.

U.S. Integrity, a sports integrity monitoring company, put together this dashboard, giving a view of how oddsmakers across a handful of regulated sportsbooks have adjusted lines since posting. GO HERE.

Join us Thursday for our live NFL draft show. The festivities begin at 8 p.m. ET. Jonathan Von Tobel, Matt Youmans, Michael Lombardi and VSiN’s crew of experts will do pick-by-pick analysis from the bettors’ viewpoint.

Josh Appelbaum’s Market Insights

Josh continues his Sports Betting 101 series by explaining impact of weather and referees on handicapping. READ FULL STORY.

QuickPicks Classic now has real-money NFL matchups

QuickPicks launched its new virtual sports game featuring NBA stars earlier this month. And now, just in time for this week’s draft, QuickPicks Classic has NFL head-to-head matchups.

QuickPicks is coming to the rescue of players looking for action during the shutdown of all major sports leagues. QuickPicks Classic offers matchups of pro sports superstars, determined by their historical game stats, and then playable in our QuickPicks head-to-head parlay game.

Who was better in their prime?

  • Aaron Rodgers in 2014 or Peyton manning in 2013
  • Julio Jones in 2015 or Deandre Hopkins in 2018
  • Ezekiel Elliot in 2016 or Adrian Peterson in 2012

Now with QuickPicks Classic, you play these matchups, and win money on them too. You can select your first ticket for as little as 10 cents and win up to $50,000 for each entry.

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What Las Vegas footballs contests are doing during pandemic

The NFL continues to move forward with its offseason during the coronavirus pandemic, including free-agent signings and preparing for this week’s draft, with the hope of still having its regular season start on time in the fall. But how does this all impact Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook and Circa Sports, which run the biggest NFL handicapping contests? DAVE TULEY HAS SOME ANSWERS.

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Betting resources

Full broadcast schedule. GO HERE.

VSiN programming on The BetR Network via TuneIn. LISTEN HERE.

Betting sheets from South Point and Circa. DOWNLOAD HERE.

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