Ready for Pickup

Good morning. On my desk is your funds release file of $7.5M USD funds with references numbers: FCA/BC/GHX/72/055/01 that was approved in your favour as Financial Grant but has remained unclaimed since its
approval till date.

Be informed that I have written to you before reminding you of the said funds but to my surprise you have not responded till date hence this last reminder.

Kindly be informed that one Mrs Sharon Morgan was in my office 3 days ago and submitted an Affidavits of funds claim and power of attorney confirming that you are dead. According to her, you died of coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) pandemic.

As stated in the Affidavits of funds claim and letter of power of attorney and documents for the change of funds ownership/beneficiary she submitted, she alleged that you personally willed your estate and your funds to her while you were in isolation center before your

Please if you are still alive confirm the above within 48 hours for necessary actions because I am under pressure. Otherwise, the funds will be processed and released to her as your authorized next of kin and representative as she stated.

Director Remittance Department Oversea Credit Commission E-mail:{} For speedy release of your long over-due payment within 48hours.

Yours faithfully,
Mrs.Annex Cleo
Board of Director Sebastian Schaefer
Oversea Credit Commission

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