Wayne, play in a new way with these nifty bet features.

‘Cash Out’ and ‘Edit bet’.

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The nifty bet features
The nifty bet features
‘Cash Out’ and ‘Edit bet’
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Dear Wayne,
Marathonbet has some nifty features that will help you to not only diversify your gaming but also customise your gameplay.

Is a match starting to go off course? Protect your bet using the ‘Cash Out’ feature! You can settle your bet at the displayed value on the site before the market is closed. All winnings come back to your account in one click.

You don’t even need to cash out your entire bet amount. Using the ‘Partial Cash Out’ feature, you can cash out the desired amount, whilst the remaining part of your bet will automatically be used for a new bet at the same odds.

Not got the time to follow an event? Sit back and let our ‘Auto Cash Out’ feature do all the work! Just set the minimum or maximum value (or both) and go about your business. When the set values are reached, your bet will be cashed out automatically. It’s so easy!

Meanwhile, our handy ‘Edit bet’ feature will allow you to increase your bet amount at any time or change, delete or add new selections to your bet slip.

Keep your eye on the ball and react to sports events immediately.

Please note that these features may not be available for all bet types or on all events. To learn more about these features, please visit the corresponding ‘Help’ section on our website.

Play your way with Marathonbet.

Good luck!



Play with a zero balance using
the potential winnings
from unsettled bets.

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